The Spa - Delectable Body Lotion 13.53 fl oz (400ml)

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A light, non greasy body lotion that absorbs quickly

The Spa Range: Your every day indulgence Feel pampered and indulged every day with Annique’s luxurious “The Spa” daily body care range. The Spa fulfills your every desire in body care. Rich, moisturizing and nourishing formulas containing Annique’s famous Rooibos infused oil, bring a spa experience to your home, every day. This striking range’s benefits are that it provides a fountain of moisture to soothe and replenish dry skin. The fragrance is beautiful and memorable, yet it will not interfere with your favourite fine fragrance. The colors of the range are rich, warm gold and brown hues that appropriately depict the magnificence of The Spa. Enjoy a little luxury and make everyday a spa experience.

The Delectable Body Lotion is a light, non-oily body lotion that is quickly absorbed. This range is perfect for normal skin types, yet dryer skin types can use this formula in summer when the need for deep moisturizing is not so intense.

The unique spa complex in this formulation includes Rooibos extract and other ingredients to lock in moisture, prevent moisture loss and protect the skin, blended with Rooibos infused oil for added antioxidant benefits. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

This upsize body lotion is just the answer to saturate your skin with moisture after your bath or shower. It helps to replace the moisture lost from your skin during your shower/bath and helps to seal in water left on your skin afterwards. Apply the lotion while your skin is still slightly damp.

The inclusion of Rooibos infused oil gives your skin an anti-ageing boost.

To treat dry scaly skin on your body; it is best to use a good body scrub on the affected areas first. Follow up with The Spa Delectable Body Lotion.

Application: For glowing skin, smooth over the entire body after a shower or bath.

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