Synergy - Clear Control Clearly Even Night Creme 1.76 fl oz (50ml)

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Annique Clearly Even Night Creme is just the right cream to gently nourish and moisturise the oily and problem skin at night.

Loaded with skin specific ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Vitamin C and Green Rooibos extract it can only be the best thing ever to control excess sebum production while doing its hydrating magic.

✔ Annique Synergy Clearly Even Night Cream is suitable for sensitive skin.

Ingredients at work:

Tea Tree Oil antibacterial / antiseptic / anti-fungal / germicidal - prevents inflammation - unclogs pores - controls oil production - soothing
Witch Hazel calming - controls oil production - tones & tightens pores - soothes redness - reduces blemishes - anti-inflammatory - antioxidant
Vitamin C brightens skin - reducing appearance of blemishes & acne - firming - antioxidant - improves collagen production
Peppermint Oil improves oily skin - refreshing & cooling - good for texture of oily skin - keeps blemishes & pimples under control - prevents clogged pores - controls excess sebum production
Macadamia Nut Oil moisturising - improves skin suppleness - light non-greasy oil - does not block pores - anti-inflammatory - soothing relief for acne
Green Rooibos anti-inflammatory - powerful all natural antioxidant - anti-ageing

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