Rooibos and Herbs - Bladder and Kidney 50g (20 sachets)

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Annique Bladder and Kidney Tea is a combination of Rooibos tea and the herb Buchu.

This tea contains Barosma Betulina -the true buchu* of Africa. Buchu has long been used in medicinal applications and is an aromatic, antiseptic herb that counteracts sinus, relieves fever, blood-sugar fluctuations and water retention.


Important Note: Bladder and Kidney tea with Buchu is not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.



  • Contains Mountain Buchu
  • Brings relief to bladder infections, digestive problems, colds and flu
  • Aromatic and antiseptic. Helps to soothe sinus, fever, diabetes and water retention
  • Helps to get rid of excess fluid by producing more urine
  • Buchu helps to remove excess gasses from the intestines, a urinary antiseptic
  • Caffeine free
  • Low in tannin
  • Rich in minerals
  • High value of antioxidants

Annique’s Bladder & Kidney Tea contains Barosma Betulina, better known as Mountain Buchu, which has been used in medicinal applications over the centuries. These applications include the treatment of kidney problems, bladder infections, digestive problems, colds and flu. It is an antiseptic and can be used to treat wounds. Antioxidants found in Rooibos tea can help protect you against damage caused by free radicals, including premature ageing. Annique’s Bladder & Kidney Tea is caffeine free, low in tannin, rich in minerals and boasts a high volume of antioxidants. This aromatic, antiseptic herb that counteracts sinusitus, relieves fever, regulates blood-sugar fluctuations and reduces water retention, can also help to improve symptoms of:


Recommended for:

  • Prostate problems
  • Stomachaches
  • Heartburn
  • Antiseptic – use to treat wounds
  • Inflammation of the colon
  • Inflammation of gums
  • kidney and bladder infections
  • problems with the bladder
  • colds and flu
  • fluid retention
  • rheumatism


Buchu, Agathosma betulina, has a pronounced wholesome aromatic taste and fragrance bringing liquorice to mind. Not only is it a lovely aromatic cup of tea but you get some excellent health benefits too.

The kidneys are important organs which remove waste products from the body, regulate the amount of water in the body as well as regulating the precise chemical balance of the body. It is therefore important to maintain proper kidney function at all times. Bloatedness can be an indication of kidney problems.

Buchu is a well known diuretic and is a great cup of tea to help get relief from water retention and a bloated feeling. The Tea is often used to help with bloating associated with PMS.

Drinking Annique Bladder and Kidney Tea is also beneficial if you suffer from cystitis and flatulence.

Because the Tea has such a beneficial action on the urinary tract here is a great tip: for vaginal and/or bladder infections add Bladder and Kidney tea to bath water for relief from burning and itching.

It also stimulates lymph drainage and improves nasal congestion caused by hayfever and sinusitis.

*Bladder and Kidney Tea can be given to children from 2 years and older.

Directions: Pour boiling water in cup, add one teabag of tea and let it steep for 2 - 5 minutes or boil the tea on the stove for 2 - 5 minutes. Drink as is, preferably without milk and sugar. Do not heat the tea in the microwave oven, as the microwaves may destroy antioxidants in the tea.

Important Note: Bladder and Kidney Tea is not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Type: Rooibos Tea

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