Hydrafine - Purifying & Rebalancing Masque 1.76 fl oz (50ml)

Helps to detox skin and refine pores


  • A rich creamy masque with vitamins E, C, B3, B5 and B6 leaves your skin nourished
  • The vitamins contribute to evening-out skin tone, moisturizing and soothing the skin
  • Mushroom extract helps to reduce pore size
  • Helps to reduce sebum flow, therefore contributes to pore refinement

Annique Hydrafine Purifying & Rebalancing Masque is a remarkable face masque formulated to help purify the skin. It contains a multi-vitamin complex to provide a refreshing, rejuvenating and cleansing treatment with antioxidant benefits, that help to moisturize and balance the skin.

Contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos, a powerful natural antioxidant.

Up your skin care game with a weekly treat. Annique Hydrafine Purifying and Rebalancing Masque is a lovely multi-vitamin mask for Normal and Combination skin.

With ingredients like Rooibos (Red bush) extract, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, mushroom extract and zinc your skin is in for a special treat. Annique Hydrafine Purifying & Rebalancing Masque will not only help to clear out toxins, refines pores and it also re-balances your skin.

Use it once or twice a week to rejuvenate your skin.

Application: Apply evenly after cleansing, once or twice a week, avoiding the eye area. Remove after 5 – 10 minutes by rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm Rooibos infused water. Pat skin dry and follow with Hydrafine Ideal Herbal Moisturizer and Hydrafine Absolute Balancing Freshener. 

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