Hydrafine - Nurturing Night Cream 1.76 fl oz (50ml)

Rich in vitamins to help nourish and repair skin at night


  • Especially formulated for evening use, with deep penetrating action
  • Rich in vitamins (A, C and E) and minerals to help nourish skin cells
  • Skin feels dewy, moist and smooth the next morning, without any residue on the skin
  • Fragrance Free

Why use a night cream?:

At night, the skin’s cell division, as well as the metabolism of the cells close to the surface of the skin, accelerates. Toxic substances (including free radicals) are cleared out of the cells and the cells are provided with added moisture and nourishment. The night creams are so important because they provide for the extra needs of the skin at night – hence the term beauty sleep!

Annique Hydrafine Nurturing Night Cream nourishes and hydrates normal and combination skin. An effective formula containing multi-vitamins to provide your skin with the perfect overnight moisturizing balance. Skin feels moist and smooth the next morning, without any residue on the skin. Contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos, a powerful natural antioxidant.

HydraFine Nurturing Night Cream is a light contemporary Annique product that provides night time nourishment guaranteed to suit the normal and combination skin.

Annique's Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract ensures that your skin gets a good dose of anti-oxidants to help fight the effects of free radicals and signs of ageing.

Multi-vitamins provide an overnight moisturizing balance.

Fragrance free and anti-oxidant rich, Annique Hydrafine Nurturing Night Cream is formulated specifically for the night time when skin metabolism and cell division speed up. Toxins are expelled and the cells need more moisture and nourishment to support the cells with their nightly activities.

Application: Gently press onto cleansed skin. For best results, apply after Essense Skin Detox and Forever Young Revitalizing Cream. Complete your regimen with the Ideal Herbal Moisturizer and the Absolute Balancing Freshener.

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