Forever Healthy OptiToniQ+ 1.06 fl oz (50ml)

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For optimal pH in cells

Annique Forever Healthy OptiToniQ+ is a 100% pure, natural and organic solution of Himalayan crystal salt and revitalized water that aids in balancing the body's acid/alkaline or pH balance. Prolonged periods of hyper-aciditycan lead to illness and disease. OptiToniQ+ aids in alkalizing the body, helping to render it inhospitable to invaders like viruses, fungi and bacteria. It also aids in balancing cell's mineral content, by replacing essential micro minerals - giving the body optimum nutrition to function at its best. 

These minerals are bio-available allowing it to be quickly and completely absorbed and digested in the body. ToniQ+ is the primary nutrient to acquire and maintain optimum body condition. It re-balances your body’s pH and provides essential minerals for optimal cell health.

Dosage: 16 drops per day added to chlorine-free water or any other beverage. You can also take it undiluted or sprinkle it over food instead of regular table salt. 

Single morning booster (recommended): Use 16 drops in a glass of chlorine-free water (preferably on an empty stomach). You can also squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the water as this will further alkalize it and help balance your body's pH.

Or: Add 2-4 drops of OptiToniQ+ to a clean glass and then top up with pure, chlorine-free water. Drink 3-4 times per day. (Use 16 drops per day)

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