Forever Healthy OptiCalm (60 softgel capsules)

For stress, memory and mood support


  • Reduces Stress

  • Improves Memory

  • Improves Your Mood

  • Improves Mental Clarity

  •  Improves Concentration

  •  Improves Alertness

  •  Keeps you Focused


Stress is one of the biggest challenges humans are facing today. People around the world suffer from high stress levels because of our modern lifestyles, exposure to constant tension, high work ethic and stressful living conditions. Stress can lead to anxiety, memory problems, fatigue, insomnia and agitation. In times of stress, the body prepares by heightening its state of alertness for the “fight or flight” reaction. It also produces the ageing hormone, cortisol which creates toxins in the body and wreaks havoc on neurotransmitters and other hormones. Prolonged exposure to stress eventually depletes the body of vital vitamins and can cause burn-out and other major diseases.

Annique Forever Healthy OptiCalm contains essential B vitamins and phospholipids to help calm and relax the body, while it aids in improving memory, mood and your ability to cope. Stress depletes the B vitamins in the body and this is why supplementation is crucial. Each of the B vitamins has its own specific role in the body, yet the entire group of nutrients is necessary for maintaining a healthy nervous system. Taking a supplement, like OptiVite and OptiCalm with a complex of B vitamins is most beneficial, as they often work in synergy one another. Phospholipids are essential molecules that are found in cellular membranes. Two important phospholipids, phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl serine are crucial for every cell in the human body to function normally. Like Omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids are important for optimal brain health. They help brain cells communicate and influence how well receptors  function. These phospholipids are essential for improving memory and mood, mental clarity, concentration,

Anniqe Forever Healthy OptiCalm capsules includes Amino Acids and Green Rooibos Extract and should be your Vitamin B complex of choice.

Vitamin B play and important role in the physiological processes your body use to extract or make energy from the food that you eat. They are also important in forming red blood cells.

The B Vitamins are a group of individual vitamins that support a healthy nervous system that helps you to face daily life in a calm and collected manner. Although each B Vitamin has a specific distinct function, they become a real stress fighting machine when they all work together to maintain optimum health and vitality.

The Vitamin B group is water soluble and therefore not stored in your body and you must make certain that you consume enough B vitamins as part of your daily diet otherwise it would be wise to use a good supplement. If you often feel irritable and stressed you are most probably not getting enough of the full vitamin B spectrum from your diet.

Benefits of B Vitamins:

  • Vitamin B12: Boosts energy levels and speeds up your metabolism
  • Vitamin B1: Provides energy and helps prevent Alzheimers
  • Vitamin B2: Adds moisture to your skin
  • Vitamin B3: Blood pressure regulator
  • Vitamin B5: Encourages glowing skin
  • Vitamin B6: Soothes and calms

Dosage: 2 capsules per day, or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

Forever Healthy OptiCalm capsules contain No sugar, yeast, salt, corn, wheat, dairy, flavorings or preservatives.

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