Face Facts - Calm Down Masque 1.76 fl oz (50ml)

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Calms red, irritated and inflamed skin


  • Calms inflamed skin down. Ideal masque to calm red, irritated and inflamed skin. This cooling camphor masque brings instant relief for sensitive, problem and normal skin.
  • Reduces swelling from skin problems.
  • Improves blood circulation to the skin that brings nutrients to the skin’s surface and eliminates toxins.
  • Refines enlarged pores and aids in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads, while combating bacteria.

Face Facts Calm Down masque contains calming camphor and organic Green Rooibos as well as Rooibos Tea extract, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay and Witch Hazel and is suitable for men and women.

Annique's Calm Down Masque is pure magic for inflamed, red and irritated skin. It is soft and creamy and cleanses deeply and stimulates cell activity to produce new healthy skin. Rinse off with Green Rooibos tea.

A good mask enhances not only your skin’s visual appeal, it also plays a major part in controlling inflammation and preventing bacterial attacks by keeping pores clean. Your skin care routine should be centered around getting rid of bacteria, excess oil and dead skin that clog the pores.

Tip: It calms and soothes irritated, problem, acne and oily skin types, but is also beneficial for dry skin when applied over a moisturizer.

Application: Apply the Calm Down Masque onto clean skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove with a facial cloth and lukewarm Rooibos water. Rooibos extract is a super antioxidant. It detoxifies, has anti inflammatory properties and regenerates skin cells.

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