Essense - Pore Minimizing Serum 1.06 fl oz (30ml)

Reduces Enlarged Pores

Definition of a serum: Serums are highly concentrated booster treatment products designed to treat specific skin concerns. The ingredients in serums are more concentrated than those in moisturizers. Serums penetrate deeper into the skin (the dermis layer of the skin) than regular skin care products and as a result, work faster and better.

Annique Essense Pore Minimizing Serum has a ground breaking formula that contains the scientifically harnessed benefits of mushroom extract to visibly tighten and minimize enlarged pores. Pores look up to 60% smaller after one application. Also helps to balance sebum production, aiding in reducing excess oiliness.

If you are tired of oily skin and enlarged pores then here is a news flash for you. Essense Pore Minimizing Serum is a breakthrough formula that cuts to the chase.

This serum refines and tightens enlarged pores and it balances sebum production by harnessing the unique properties of the Fomes officinalis mushroom. This mushroom extract in combination with Rooibos extract wave a scientific magic wand to visibly tighten and reduce pore size.

Application: The best way to apply Essense Pore Minimizing serum is to press a few drops on a clean skin and wait a few minutes and then apply Essense Skin Detox before applying the rest of your Annique products.

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