Essense - Brightning Treatment 1.01 fl oz (30ml)

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The advanced new Essense Brightening Treatment improves the appearance of brown spots, dark spots and age spots and restores radiant luminosity to the complexion, promoting brighter, younger and healthier looking skin. Vitamin C Complex is one of the key ingredients in Essense Brightening Treatment and it contains two types of vitamin C in a significant %, which reduces and prevents pigmentation. It encourages collagen production, reduces
UV-induced cells and evens out skin tone.

Dark spots, age spots, sun spots – what exactly is pigmentation and how do we treat it?
Annique has the solution! Pigmentation is uneven brown patches on not only the face but hands, décolletage and shoulder areas. It is a skin problem caused by sun exposure and specifically UVA rays which penetrate deep into your skin, causing ageing and pigmentation. UVA stimulates your pigment cells called Melanocytes to manufacture the pigment called Melanin, which gives human skin, hair, and eyes their colour. Melanin is also responsible for your tan
and your unwanted dark patches. It is a problem frequently troubling South Africans due to our extreme African climate, and these sun spots may take up to 10-20 years to develop, so if you notice some showing now it could have been caused when you were a child.


  • Assists in reducing UV-induced pigmentation
  • Helps minimise the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots and age spots
  • Promotes brighter, younger and healthier looking skin
  • Improves the appearance of brown spots and restores radiant luminosity to the complexion
  • Rich in antioxidant properties, it helps to reduce skin damage induced by free radicals
  • Helps to increase the skin’s moisture content
  • Provides a skin-rejuvenating effect since it promotes collagen production to reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Key Ingredients

Liquorice Root Extract

1. Lightening properties – inhibits melanin production
2. Anti-inflammatory properties
3. Antioxidant properties

Vitamin C Complex

1. Anti-pigmentation – promotes skin lightening
2. Encourages collagen production
3. Reduces UV-induced cell/DNA damage
4. Evens out skin-tone

Rooibos Extract

1. Soothes and calms skin
2. Anti-ageing
3. Anti-acne
4. Antioxidant
• People suffering from sun damage
• People with acne, freckles or scars
• People with dark spots
During the treatment process your skin will need extra protection from UVA and UVB damage, so applying a daily sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin, like Annique Essense Derma Protect SPF 20, is compulsory when using Essense Brightening Treatment

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