Essense - Anti-Redness Serum 1.06 fl oz (30ml)

If you are troubled by red uncomfortable skin Annique's Anti-Redness Serum may be the answer to your troubles. This specialized serum contains a breakthrough Anti-inflammatory Complex and Rooibos leaf extract that acts as a skin recovery system that helps to counteract the causes of redness and inflammation.

A unique formula clinically proven that contains soothing Rooibos and Pro-Immune X Anti-Inflammatory Complex to enhance cell renewal and increase the skin's immunity to bacteria and viruses with regular use, supported by clinical claims showing a reduction in bacterial growth. Clinical studies conclude that skin appears smoother and pores become less visible with every application. The skin's ability to re-hydrate increases with just one single application, providing a calming and soothing serum with a multi-faceted approach to achieving and maintaining healthy skin that is less reactive, less prone to redness and inflammation and delivers an overall skin perfecting action.   

Clinical tests have previously indicated:

  • Increase cell renewal by 31% in 1 week
  • Reduce skin reactivity by 37% in 1 week
  • Reduce bacterial growth by 54% in 4 weeks 
  • Increase re-hydration by 17% after 1 application

Essense Anti-Redness serum improves and maintains skin health and it keeps your skin adequately hydrated. A Healthy skin provides immunity and resistance to chronic inflammation and the harsh elements, especially during the winter months.

Apply Annique Anti-Redness Serum to affected areas on a clean skin and leave it for a few minutes. Use in conjunction with Annique's Skin Detox and our other Annique skin care products.

Application: Press a few drops onto cleansed skin, on affected areas. Wait a few minutes before applying Essense Skin Detox and other Annique skin care products, including sunscreen and the Annique moisturizer best suited to your skin.

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