Color Caress Retractable Liners

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Annique Color Caress Retractable Liner delivers a beautiful dose of color, with an easy-glide, creamy texture. 

Tips when using around the lips:

  • If your lip shape is asymmetrical, subtly correct the outline, just outside your normal lip line and blend in well before applying lipstick
  • The easiest way to balance the appearance of your lips, is by dividing the lip into sections when applying liner
  • If your lip liner is not exactly the same colour as your lipstick, use a lip brush or cotton stick to smudge the liner inwards towards the center of the lip to ensure better blending
  • If you have thin lips and want to create larger lips, draw the line just outside the natural lip line
  • If your lips are too full, draw the line just inside the natural lip line to slim them down a touch
  • Shimmery, frosty shades make lips look full and lush
  • Darker shades make lips look thinner and lighter shades make lips look bigger
  • Apply lip gloss to the center of your lips to enhance attractive full lips
  • Use Liquid Lips to add shine to Moisturising Lipstick with Chronomoist+. Always start to outline in the middle of the cupid’s bow and line each side individually. Next draw a line on bottom lip center. Then outline natural outer edges of your lips

How to apply lip liner perfectly:

  1. Always start to outline in the middle of the cupid’s bow and line each side individually.
  2. Next draw a line on bottom lip center.
  3. Then outline natural outer edges of your lips.

Available in: Black and Chocolate

Type: Color Caress

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