Body Xpert - D-Minish Tummy Toning Treatment 5.28 fl oz (150ml)

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Tighten and tone your tummy!

Annique's Body Xpert Tummy Toning Treatment is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and is an easy way of tightening and toning your tummy area. Always on the forefront, Annique is using a powerful combination of three new age active ingredients to help you to tone your stomach and waistline.

AbRedux helps to prevent fat storage in the area
Heat Sense Complex warms up the skin to improve circulation
B-Slim Complex has a firming and slimming action


Other ingredients that deserve a mention are anti-ageing Green Rooibos extract, menthol, caffeine and grape seed oil.


  • An advanced revolutionary formula that targets abdominal specific firming and toning for a slimmer waistline.
  • Dual action actives, Ab-Redux and B-Slim Complex, help inhibit lipid storage unique to the tummy area and assists with stimulating, firming and slimming as well as improving the skin texture in the abdominal area to appear more toned, smoothed and plumped.

Different stages of fat storage:

  1. Pre-adipocyte Fat Storage: Pre-fat cell with zero fat storage
  2. Young adipocyte Fat Storage: Young fat cell with increased fat storage ability.
  3. Mature adipocyte Fat Storage: Adult fat cell with ever expanding fat storage ability and more stubborn to remove.
The actives in the Body Xpert range helps to stop the adult fat cell from forming and helps reduce the size of the young fat cell - thus leading to inches loss and a firmer appearance.


Apply D-Minish Tummy Toning Treatment to your abdominal area and combine it with Lipo-Sculpt Body Contouring Crème to the hip, thigh and arm areas - Apply twice a day.

The difference between these two products is that D-Minish Tummy Toning Treatment is specifically developed to focus on the reduction of inches in the abdominal belt area with its visceral fat reserves that are more resistant to fat metabolism. Lipo-sculpt Body Contouring Crème formula focuses on subcutaneous fat storage on hip, thigh, arm and buttock areas.

Combine it with regular exercise and a good eating plan for an awesome Flat Tummy!

Type: Body Xpert

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