Body Xpert - Body Wonder Sponge

Reveal softer, more beautiful skin

First step in the Body Xpert body routine.

In the morning before a bath or shower: Dry brush your body vigorously with Body Wonder Sponge working towards your heart. Helps to stimulate circulation, improve skin texture and prepare your skin for other Body Xpert products, improving their effectiveness. 

Scrub-wash the whole body daily to prevent bumps on upper arms and increase effectivity of other body treatments. Scrubbing skin improves the detox of cells and provides assistance to liver and kidneys when skin is stimulated to release toxins. This coarse little sponge removes dead skin cells and improves circulation which is one of the first steps to help improve the appearance of cellulite. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from your body.

The sponge can be used wet or dry.

Smooth, healthy glowing skin takes only a couple of minutes each day.

Use together with D-Minish Tummy Toning Treatment, Circulex Cellulite Treatment and Lipo-Sculpt Body Contouring Crème. For better results use your Body Xpert products with your DermaLIFT machine.

Type: Body Xpert

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