Baby Rooibos Moist Silky Soap 4.22 oz (120g)

A safe and light fragrant body soap for babies, children and even for adults.

Annique Baby Moist Silky Soap is a soft, hypo-allergenic soap for a sensitive skin. It is a silky soft gelatin based soap, which is ideal for your baby’s skin. Its hypo-allergenic qualities, combined with Annique Rooibos extract, provide a safe and delicate light non-irritating fragrant body soap for your baby, as well as for yourself. It's a special soap that is not as harsh on young skins like regular soap. 

Rooibos Baby Moist Silky Soap is a creamy glycerin based soap. Containing only the finest Rooibos tea extract, it is moisturizing, soothing and calming and provides relief to skin irritations, eczema and dryness.

Type: Baby Rooibos

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