Baby Rooibos - Baby Lotion 7.04 fl oz (200ml)

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Ensuring that your baby and children's skin is kept soft and smooth

Annique Baby Lotion is formulated with the finest Rooibos extract that ensures that your baby and children's skin is kept soft and smooth.

Gentle and pure formulas are used throughout the Baby Range to give you the necessary peace of mind to use it on even the most sensitive skin. A baby's skin is very soft and can be sensitive at times, especially when skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema or diaper rash appear. You will want the mildest, safest and purest product leaving you assured that all your baby care essentials have been carefully evaluated to ensure they are made from only the safest ingredients. This amazing range was formulated and launched in 1990 and through the years we have changed the lives of mothers around the world. Made with our legendary Rooibos extract which is high in antioxidants, this range offers the best in protection for your child's skin.

Annique Baby Lotion helps to prevent skin irritations commonly found with babies and younger children such as dryness and the itching that goes along with it. It also brings relieve to restlessness caused by the chafing and scratching of clothes and blankets.

Unlike some of the other products available the Rooibos Baby Lotion can be used on the baby’s body and face and may also be used from birth. The gentle moisturizing action cools and calms the skin while the Rooibos extract prevents further irritation from heat, handling and other irritants. A delicate non-allergic fragrance is added to leave baby with that remarkable new born smell that everyone loves.

This product is great in taking care of those unwanted diaper rashes!

Tip: Add Rooibos tea to baby's bath water to soothe skin irritation and rashes.


Type: Baby Rooibos

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