Innovative active ingredients

Lucid includes an innovative and sophisticated active ingredient, named AquaVital. This
ingredient is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types and is 100% natural and is plant derived. It has been scientifically formulated as an advanced moisture regulator that acts as a moisture reservoir in the skin. 

Lucid means shining, bright, beaming, gleaming, radiant, crystalline and pure. Annique’s Lucid range of daily skin care products for dry and mature skin will ensure just that. Your skin will become beaming, radiant and bright. Dry, dehydrated and mature skin requires extra care to restore and retain the skin’s moisture content. In the natural ageing process, the skin dramatically loses its moisture content and elasticity. Unfortunately our skin is also exposed to harmful elements that degrade and damage the skin further, which leads to even greater moisture loss. Some of the negative elements include artificial heating, air conditioning, exposure to chemicals, medication, harsh weather conditions, sun exposure and pollution.

AquaVital: A “Moisture Reservoir”
AquaVital essentially acts as a “moisture reservoir” in the skin. Due to this it has a highly effective ability to intensify moisture retention in the skin. It also has the extraordinary ability to function effectively, even in dry, low humidity environments. Because of AquaVital’s unique ability to bind to amino acids in the skin, it can moisturize the skin for longer periods, and the “moisture reservoir” benefits increase with regular use. Scientific and dermatological tests have proven AquaVital’s efficacy as a superior moisturizing ingredient and now adds even more moisturizing benefits to the various tried and trusted Annique Lucid formulations, immensely improving their efficacy.

Lucid consists of 7 products, which all include the ground-breaking active ingredient AquaVital and are FRAGRANCE FREE in six out of seven formulas. The Lucid range consists of the following products: