Many teenagers and young adults struggle with acne and other skin care concerns due to changing hormones, lifestyles or incorrect skincare routines. Annique’s Face Facts range is ideal for all skin types especially sensitive, oily and blemish-prone skin. It will help your skin look and feel absolutely gorgeous! The result is beautifully clean, soft, smooth and confident skin. Make use of this amazing range to bring out your skin’s natural radiance. The range cleans without stripping, moisturizes and hydrates skin without clogging pores. Natural antibacterials help keep skin clear and free from blemishes. Formulated with our unique organic Green Rooibos extract to heal and protect your skin, you can now follow the simple steps to beautiful skin.

Being young doesn’t mean your skin is perfectly healthy and clear. You can expect a great improvement with Face Facts in your skin’s condition, smoothness, health, and elasticity, no matter the current state. Following a good, logical and natural skin care routine will notonly prevent problems today but ensure beautiful skin in the future. Face Facts presents the best skin care ingredients that has to offer for a new generation. With a natural, plant-based focus on ingredients, Face Facts is a unique combination skin care product for male and female skin. All formulations include Annique’s unique green Rooibos extract with proven antioxidant results for skin.