Essense - Lifting Essense 2.64 fl oz (75ml)

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Aids in lifting and firming neck and bust area

Your neck and bust area often reveal your age before your face does. Annique Lifting Essence lifts and firms your neck and bust area, whilst repairing damaged skin and reducing uneven skin tone. Lifting Essence for Neck and Bust contains an exclusive complex of naturally derived ingredients to help tighten, lift and firm your skin. The neck and bust are highly exposed, vulnerable areas that often betray a woman’s age sooner than any other part of her body. The skin on the neck and bust area also have different needs than that of your face and the rest of the body. Lifting Essence helps even skin tone, promote a smoother complexion and assists the skin in recovering its elasticity and firmness. The effect is lifting and firming where the cream has
been applied.

Although Lifting Essence was developed to help lift and firm bust, neck and upper arms it is also ideal for the removal of stretch marks and sagging skin around stomach and knees. It contains active plant ingredients, which bring about a firming and rejuvenating action in the upper layers of the skin and surrounding tissue.

Lifting Essence does the following:

  • Firm and tighten your neck and bust area while reducing uneven tone, replenish natural moisture to heal and repair for beautiful, smooth skin.
  • Firm and strengthen tissue and skin.
  • Improve elasticity and hydration.

Lifting Essence contains:

  • Fenugreek seeds to improve appearance and rejuvenate skin.
  • Humulus lupulus (hops extract), known as an effective revitalizing ingredient.
  • Horsetail, used in skin care products to prevent dehydration and wrinkles.
  • Boswelia corterii birdus, added for the stimulating and antiseptic action distinctive of this cream.

Lifting Essense is a perfect addition to any skin care regime as it acts like a corset for the skin. Although it is a moisturizing product it has the added benefit of having a lifting and tightening effect.

Because the formula includes potent active firming and lifting ingredients it is important to use it together with a sunscreen of at least SPF15 during day time. It is recommended to continue using sunscreen for at least another 14 days after the use of Lifting Essense is stopped.

It is also advisable not to use perfume on the neck and décolleté area if you are going to be in direct sunshine for prolonged periods to protect this delicate area form premature ageing.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How does Lifting Essence work to firm the bust area? - Lifting Essence contains unique plant derived ingredients to help provide firming and toning benefits to the bust and neck area. It also contains a blend of ingredients which removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal.
  2. Does Lifting Essence have a fragrance? - Yes, it contains a fresh watery floral fragrance and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Can I use Lifting Essence if I am pregnant or breast feeding? - Pregnant or breast feeding women should consult their health care practitioner before using Lifting Essence.
  4. What are the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)? - Increased exfoliation by loosening the “glue” that holds skin cells together. In doing so dead skin cells are removed, oil is controlled, the look of fine lines is reduced, skin coloring is improved and the tone is evened out. Skin becomes all glowy and smooth.
  5. If I stop using the product will the results disappear? - For continuous results, use Lifting Essence as part of your daily regimen.
  6. What AHA’s can be found in Lifting Essence? - Glycolic acid – removes dead skin cells and improves skin coloring and tone is evened out.
  • Lactic Acid – retexturises the skin surface and stimulates cell renewal to moisturize, firm and plump up the skin.
  • Citric Acid – stimulates collagen growth, brightens the skin beautifully and helps to reduce age spots and pigmentation.
  • Active Fruit Complex – increases the rate of cell renewal.


 Application: Press onto neck and chest area and massage in large circular movements into skin of the upper body and breasts in the mornings and evenings.

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