Body Xpert superior range of innovative formulations target specific areas of concern with advanced, ultra-effective ingredients, specifically selected to help reduce flabbiness on hips, abdomen and thighs, treat and prevent cellulite and improve and prevent the appearance of stretchmarks and sagging due to skin ageing and fluctuating weight.

The Body Xpert range is the end result of intensive market analysis and rigorous research and testing to ensure Annique offers you an innovative, state-of-the-art advanced body care range that delivers the best shaping, contouring, treating and repairing solutions in the market.

The skin on your body is very different from the skin on your face – the epidermis is less protected against dehydration, repeated weight fluctuations due to pregnancies and/or dieting as well as the effects of hormonal changes, lack of exercise and general neglect
add up, resulting in a less supple and toned appearance over time. With Body Xpert, you will experience the benefits of a firmer, more toned body and return time and again for more.