Herbal Teas perfect for baby and child

August 23, 2016 1 Comment

Herbal Teas perfect for baby and child

Because Rooibos tea (or as sometimes referred to in the USA as Red Bush tea), is still very unknown outside of South Africa, most people are amazed when they start to discover the multiple uses and benefits of the tea. The concept that tea can be more than just an enjoyable drink is sometimes hard to believe and is in some cases hard to digest. I want to highlight some of the benefits, different uses as well as some handy tips on how you can start your children on Rooibos tea from a very early age. It is common practice in South Africa to start babies on Rooibos tea as early as birth and because of the healing properties it is becoming a world wide phenomenon.   

Rooibos Tea is rich in minerals and antioxidants and is anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic. It can be strongly recommended for headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns, light depression and hypertension. The reason is that it is caffeine-free and has a soothing effect on the central nervous system.

Rooibos Tea soothes digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach ulcers and constipation. It also has a soothing effect on the skin and relieves skin irritations like eczema and acne when applied directly to affected areas. With the infusion of herbs, Rooibos is even more beneficial to your health. Annique introduces nine herbal infusion teas that each address a different ailment. We have had amazing testimonials on our Herbal Teas that have helped change the lives of many children and adults.

Perfect preparation of tea for babies and young children is to make sure you boil the Rooibos tea on the stove for maximum for maximum benefits. Never use the microwave. Let the tea draw for two to three minutes and it is ready to be served. Because the tea is naturally sweetened there is no need for sweetener, sugar or honey. If you do have a sweet tooth add a drop of honey. It all comes down to personal preference and some adults prefer to add a drop of cream to the tea as well.

Rooibos tea is delicious when drank cold especially on a hot summers day. However, ensure that you keep the tea in the fridge for no longer than 48 hours.

Here are a few healthy and tantalizing Rooibos Ice Tea ideas.

There are many ways to prepare Rooibos Ice Tea. Some of the favorites are mix Green Tea, Relax Tea and Night Rest Tea for a tasty and novel ice tea treat for your child. Keep the tea cool in the fridge and serve to toddlers or young children as a night time refreshment.

Add grapefruit juice or cranberry juice to iced Colon Cleanse Tea or iced Detox Tea for an enjoyable fruity taste.

For an alternative combination, mix Green Rooibos Tea with any Herbal Tea and serve hot or cold. You can also add a dash of honey or lemon to the tea of toddlers and young children. It is not advisable to add any honey to children's tea under the age of one years old. Although pure Rooibos tea can be given to babies as early as birth some of the herbal mixes are only recommended once your baby has reached a certain age.

Annique Herbal blends that are suitable and safe from birth is Green Rooibos Tea. Mix milk formula together with the Green Rooibos Tea and Baby Rooibos Tea. No sugar or cream is necessary.

From six months onwards your baby can have Detox Rooibos and Herbs, Relax Rooibos and Herbs, Night Rest and Herbs and Colon Cleanse Rooibos and Herbs. Safe from two years of age is Balance Rooibos and Herbs, Metabolism Rooibos and Herbs, Bladder Rooibos and Herbs.

There are so many wonderful stories around Rooibos tea. Let us know what is your favorite Rooibos drink and for what you often use it for.


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Elizabeth Tersia Truter
Elizabeth Tersia Truter

October 03, 2016

My three beautiful daughters drank Rooibos tea from a very early age while still living in the RSA! They really benefitted from it! They have beautiful teeth and never had any allergies at all! Today they are grown women aged 36, 34 and 31! Thank you Annique for all your wonderful products available now in the USA!

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